3 Of The Fastest Ways To Become The Best

best_featuredHere is what I teach my trainers and I truly believe these are some of the fastest ways to become amazing at your craft, stand out and therefore CHARGE more per hour if that’s what you want to do:

1: Contently be undertaking educational courses in the following areas:

A: Your niche (the people you want to specialise in training, click here for more info on defining this). Let your own interests guide you here, it will make your life and learning about your chosen topic easy.

B: Self development, in particular communication courses. You are only as good as the point you can get across to your clients. I’ve learnt this the hard way as I had to take a step back from being the ‘bossy’ expert who knew everything so that I could better communicate with my clients. Communication is often nothing about what you say but more about ‘how you are being & your internal self dialogue’ as this comes across without you using any words and it will completely dictate which words you use – AND determine whether the client likes you or not (which will determine if they buy and become a long term client).

2: Get good at networking – You may actually have to start liking meeting other people in your industry and any health field (in fact you have to start liking people full stop lol). Maybe you could network with a trainer who specialises in what you want to do, or who is at the top of the field. Even hire them as your trainer or mentor – whatever your field is, which brings me to the next point;

3: DEFINITELY Use a personal trainer/Mentor or coach – There’s several reasons why you should in my opinion;

a. For fast tracked learning, not just for accountability and motivation, as hopefully you are already intrinsically (internally) motivated if you are a personal trainer.

b. The occasional kick up the butt or to be held accountable.

c. To have your results tracked or measured.

d. EDUCATION – how does this person, who’s better than you in some way, do business and get results? (By saying ‘Better than you’ I mean – they know things you don’t know, they get results you don’t get or haven’t yet gotten with your clients, they run their business in a way you’d like to run yours but you don’t know how). Learning, and knowing you need to keep learning is a critical part of becoming the best you can be in any field, so why not as a trainer too?

When you are learning about things you love your work will flow effortlessly and you will be constantly inspired.

Click here to contact me and let me know if you need help or have any questions. Our industry is amazing and you should be enjoying yourself going to work.

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