5 Things you can do right now for a flatter tummy

The following are in no particular order… I do suggest though for you to be able to sustain them, introduce one thing at a time and once you have mastered it move on to the next thing.
Let me know how you go in the comments below.

1. Eliminate Gluten from your diet. Gluten is in most grains and is undigestible in the form we usually consume it in. Read more about why some grains are hard to digest here.

2. Stop wasting time doing crunches, your precious gym time would be better off spent lifting heavy weights. Or try these abdominal exercises… otherwise don’t waste too much of your time ‘crunching’.

3. Eat protein first thing in the morning. If you are one of my clients you know I advocate eating meat, preferably red meat first thing, but making the switch from cereal to anything protein is a great start, your blood sugar levels and therefore your stomach fat will appreciate it.
How much protein is in things?

4. If you are doing more than 1-2 days each week of ‘cardio’ training (especially aerobics classes) STOP and try lifting weights instead. In other words do what you are NOT good at if you want your body to respond and shed fat. Kateimg3


5. Plan to have 2 really bad meals each week (preferably keep them gluten free). This will stimulate your blood sugar and keep you motivated to stay on track, especially since you know you can actually relax and eat what you want at certain times.

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