Can drinking tap water be making you sick or fat?

Did you know in your tap water you are potentially drinking the following chemicals;

Chlorine – Contributes to Oestrogen fat storing sites, as well as killing your important gut bacteria.

Fluoride – As many arguments against as there are for, do your own research, I avoid it like the plague.

Pesticides/Fertilizers – Pesticides kill bugs by attacking their nervous system, would you like to eat it on conventional foods, or would you prefer to drink the residues in your drinking water because the governing bodies have decided its safe for human consumption.

Copper – Its in possibly in your pipes (see ****Link below for more facts on what’s in your water).

Aluminium – As above.

see what Melbourne has in their water here
see what Sydney has in their water here

Yes they all claim to be in the water at such small parts per million (and that makes it safe for human consumption says who???) but did you know the smaller the part, so long as it is present it’s still able to enter our bodies cells and potentially alter the normal chemical reactions and processes which take place.

****Click here for some more amazing facts on your Australian Drinking water and how the things in your tap water may lead to many common diseases and infertility problems seen today. Also you will learn more about water filters and what you can do about it.

Remember to keep it simple – Always drink fresh clean filtered water, not out of a plastic bottle.
It’s not hard, your waistline and your health will thank you for it.

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