Kate’s Top 10 Sales Tips for personal trainers

Simply by mastering the following simple techniques you can double your client conversion rate.

Believe: First and foremost, you have to believe in what you do. When you say you can help a person drop two dress sizes in 12 weeks, know it – because with the right program, knowledge, nutrition and compliance from the client, you can!

Marketing: You are your best ad. It’s absolutely critical that you are what you preach about and that you believe it with passion. Embrace social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, but remember that in the end, your mouth is your best tool and so is utilizing the people you already know. No amount of posting, emailing or tweeting can match a personalised phone call or face-to-face chat.

Memorise: Create a script for every type of sales approach and how to close, for example; cool leads, warm leads, hot leads, phone, face-to-face, off-the-street. Ensure that within these scripts, you’re not just selling the features of your service, but you’re emphasising the benefits based upon the persons goals. For your free script, designed by me for my trainers – Press the subscribe button and I’ll send it to you 🙂

Phone call: When you’re making the initial contact to book in an information session with a potential client, prepare them so they know what to expect. Let them know what they should wear, if it’s just a chat or tour of the premises you operate from. Will they be working up a sweat? They need to feel confident and comfortable from the moment you greet them so letting them know what’s in store is of paramount importance. Gauge on the phone what it is they want from the session, so you are prepared for the type of session you have to deliver.

Communicate: Assess your client’s communication style and mirror it. Are they a fast talker with a lot of energy? Are they a little subdued or lacking confidence? Do they joke a lot or are they quite serious? Match their demeanour and you’ll make him or her more comfortable. You’ll build rapport more easily and rapport is essential in building trust and ultimately making the sale.

Understand: Ask your client what their goals are. Why are they here? Keep digging deeper by asking, why that particular goal? What do you mean? Tell me more. Try to reach the emotion behind their reason for being in front of you and allow them to experience that feeling. Let them sit with that feeling for a few moments> DO NOT RUSH THIS. Establish what they expect from a personal trainer, what they expect from this information session? From the first few sessions? From the whole package? What outcomes do they expect?

Assess: To assess what they need from you to achieve their goals and fulfill their expectations, you need to establish what they’ve done. Have they been to a gym before? What do they like/dislike? Be sure to ask them about any injuries they may have/had.

Inform: Give them a few hints on how they could achieve their goals. That’s right, GIVE them the information. Don’t try to withhold it until they’ve signed up – you can demonstrate that you have the knowledge to help them achieve their specific goals. It builds trust and you’ll be their point of reference for health for years to come.

Don’t burn out: Look after yourself too. Ensure you train no more than three early mornings and 2-3 late nights so you get at least two sleep-ins and a minimum of two nights at home per week. Allocate specific times for listening to phone messages or liaising with clients – don’t let this interfere with time with your loved ones or your own projects. Plan ahead. This is best done by tailoring packages to clients’ needs so you can anticipate where you’ll be in six-eight-12 weeks time. Ensure the training sessions stay interesting for you as well as the client and don’t train the drainers! You know the ones. Some clients will not allow themselves to be helped and the partnership ends up being of no benefit to anyone. A price increase usually motivates them to discontinue training!

Sell Yourself: You need to keep promoting your service – yourself – every session, but particularly the first and first few sessions. Keep reminding the client why you’re doing each exercise with them; remind them how it connects with the achievement of their specific goals. They’ll keep coming back and will spread the word about their amazing trainer who changed their lives and helped to get them the results they desired!

This is the tip of the iceberg but these principles are paramount to being able to convert the majority of people you come into contact with.
Let me know below how you go implementing these tips.. Good Luck!

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