Why do we grow fat cells if not for calorie storage???

There are many factors involved when it comes to why we grow fat cells.Have you heard the theory that your hormones play a very large role in where you store your body fat?And that perhaps that the calorie theory by itself is just a little outdated?

Did you know there are many reasons why humans store fat and that our stomach’s are perhaps not just saving it for an extra lap around the block, or that extra mile we might decide to run on the treadmill?

Below are some of the top reasons (which you may or may not have realised) that are causing you to gain and store excess unwanted body fat and some things you can do to stay healthy;

Fat storage where?1. Stomach2. Thighs / Hamstrings

3. Butt

4. Triceps / floppy upper arms / tuck shop arms

5. Man Boobs

What can cause this?1. Excessive levels of cortisol hormone and insulin sensitivity.2. Excessive levels of the ‘female’ hormone oestrogen (and likely oestrogen mimickers). Other toxins are also stored here, such as pesticides used in conventional farming.

3. As above, but a note that cellulite is toxic fat which means the liver may be overloaded.

4. As above with regard to estrogen, also with zinc deficiency.

5. Excessive oestrogen in the male body (often from synthetic mimickers).

What can you do about it?

1. Eat 5 meals throughout the day, making sure you eat protein each time you eat. This will effect both cortisol and insulin positively. Read more about how to reduce your Cortisol here.
2. Go Organic! – there, I can’t believe I said it.. (I’m always holding back on this one, but no more!..your families health will improve dramatically!) keep an eye out for an up coming interview with founder of organic empire on how she started and how you too can afford organic.
Also aim to reduce all plastic usage, synthetic chemicals and parabens in your household and daily use. Eg. perfumes, shampoos and creams which use parabens as fillers, and plastic bottles – especially Australians!Read more about one of Australia’s (Melbourne’s) best organic suppliers3. By the time you get tested with a blood test that shows the results ‘Liver failure’ it is too late! BEFORE this happens the liver tells the body to grow more fat cells so it can store toxins in there, rather than causing toxins to circulate throughout the blood. So get a clean liver, more tips here.

4. As above, point 2 + 3 and find out if you are Zinc deficient.

5. Ditto point 2

So what do you think? Going to waste time running another 10 kilometres or miles on the treadmill or get down to some serious fat removing tactics with these health tips? 😉 Let me know how you go in the comments..
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