“January is a bad time to sell PT” – NO WAY!

“January is a bad time to sell PT” What!?!? NO WAY!
I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard this!
But I suppose that was me a few years ago too…
Before I really tapped into what I was hearing from clients around me and what I was seeing, at the time, ‘unavailable to people’…
Time To sell a Detox?
You see, if we listen, our clients will tell us what they want – this is one of the keys to really marketing to them and helping them achieve what they want – simply ‘ask them’ (a story I will save for another time).
I’m talking about all the Post Party ‘cleanses’ and ‘detoxification programs’ available in January and it’s not like you have to jump on board as a trainer and replicate anyone else.. but you’d be crazy if you didn’t do something of this nature. Even if it with physical clients you already have.
I bet you a million the majority of your clients, have overindulged in some way over the ‘silly season’, don’t you think?
So put your thinking cap on, be uniquely you and get to designing something. Something that next year (or hint – even after any major holiday or celebration in your country) you can launch and re-launch. Download my free PT Marketing Calendar for ideas if you haven’t already.
And >>click here to have a look at my 28 day program<< if you want ideas… Feel into it and do something unique to YOU rather than replicate me if you can. That’s when things don’t work so well.
Clients are waiting for your help!
More on that next time..
If I can help you in any way with a quick chat, let me know
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