Clients not doing as they are told?

Do you find it frustrating that clients don’t do ask you have asked them to?

You are not alone.

In this video I share some tips on how to get your clients to do what you’ve asked, so they can get results.. Because I know that’s what you want for them, right?

When they don’t ‘DO IT’ it gets frustrating and we feel like we can’t do our job..

Yours in health and ‘compliant’ clients,

– Kate Martin

Ps. There’s no fail safe method for getting people to become compliant,
it all comes down to knowing the market you serve and if being tolerant
isn’t your thing, then it just isn’t your thing… and that’s fine.

Get known for what you DO WELL, which could be anything when it comes to
relating to clients and helping them transform their bodies and their lives.

Be Passionate, get your message out there and stick to your guns.
KNOW who you serve, by knowing who you don’t….

until next time

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