A little technical ‘Real Core’ routine for you

If you’ve ever had a client with back pain this video will help enormously, especially if you use the material in it. It’s simple and I suggest trying it on yourself first but it is a little bit boring, if I do say so myself – however it works to fix backs, and fast. (Plus you must stop doing ‘crunches’ if they have a sore back, you can read more about that in the references given on the video.)

If you aren’t interested in fixing spines, flattening abs or increasing your knowledge of the body, thats fine, click away now.

I’m a total geek when it comes to the body and have thoroughly enjoyed learning about it, it’s injuries and ways to fix them since I started in this job.
(I once had a very sore back which was my motivation – what’s yours? – your passion should define your market and target audience, just a handy hint..)

I’m a C.H.E.K. practitioner and have noticed lots of us get and give others a hard time but I have to say my days of that are over. Now I’m a big fan of; “Get the clients results as fast as possible, without putting other methods down!!” and if you have heard of Charles Poliquin then you probably understand what I’m saying when I say I am qualified under his methods and utilise his theories too…

If this means nothing to you then I’d liken it to the argument that goes on between some crossfit coaches and bodybuilders.

– Paul Chek and Charles Poliquin publicly disagree on a lot of things, so it seems some trainers have taken it up to argue against each other with their methods too… oh well, everyones entitled to an opinion I suppose.

What a mouthful, anyway I totally believe that we as trainers get to understand the human body to the best of our ability and to serve our clients as best we can.

As usual let me know if you have any questions about this or anything on the site…


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