Guaranteed Checklist for Success

See if you can tick the boxes and answer all the questions on this list below.

They are keys which I’ve noticed (after almost 20 years in the business) people fall down on… So if you can create or ‘implement’ them… well I guess this is your list for success.

You’re welcome 😉

These are ‘all the secrets’ to having and amazing health coaching business.

These are some of the things I go through with people I personally coach, where ever the individuals ‘gaps’ are. Along with what I believe and KNOW, sticks it all together and completely determines your success, and that is, your mindset – I cannot make this Bold enough, it’s critical. xx

I’m going to leave this detailed article available for now, however I may take it down at a later point – for now, enjoy.

People are always saying – don’t give too much information away, then you don’t need to be hired – well I don’t believe that. I know that the glue that sticks this all together is your mindset, as I mentioned. So enjoy this checklist and if you have any questions feel free to ask me, it would be my pleasure to shed some light on how you could revolutionise your business and life, simply, effectively and fast.



  • Do you network with other professionals for credibility, outsourcing, collaborating, referring clients out? Yes – who? how many professionals? what have you done with them?
  • Give away of information to your audience/anyone. What if anything do you currently ‘give away’?
  • Include physical paperwork and online. Where and how often do you do give it away?
  • What exactly does your target market/ideal client struggle with? Whats their problem that you solve?
  • What do you stand for/against?
  • What’s your message for your clients?
  • Marketing – What do you do to get leads for business? If you currently have any systems, what are your 3 top ways for Physical/in person marketing? And if you have any, what are your top 3 ways for online marketing?


  • Packages, what do you have in the $1 – 99 / $100 – $999 / $1000 + ?
  • Sales systems. Do you have any systems for price presenting your information to clients. If you have any what are they?
  • Length of packages/commitment time of packages?
  • Whats your process for a complimentary chat on phone or in person or physical exercise session? If you have one, for each of these?
  • Price increase. Have you done it for current clients or new or both? How may times? from what price to what price?

Inside your Life/Business

  • Are you currently earning what you want to earn?
  • Are you currently working the hours you want to work?
  • Do you work on yourself regularly (mindset + other aspects)
  • What do you think about ‘successful people’? – hint what you think is how close you are to ‘becoming that’ yourself.

Inside your business and systems

  • Follow up everything. What do you currently do to follow up clients and potential clients, if anything?
  • Can your systems/processes/ the way you deliver sessions be replicated by another person? please give details.
  • Do you have or have you had employees/contractors?
  • What are your ethics for training people?

Technical knowledge on how to get results

  • What topics do you make sure you cover with your clients when coaching them. Eg, exercise instruction.. What else?
  • Program design one on one / groups. Do you do this ahead of time?
  • Do you give clients programs/advice to follow/ homework for when you are not there?
  • Nutrition basics to advanced. What do you feel like you need to know more about in this area? Do you know about basic supplementation? eg. Protein powders/fish oil what are your principles/beliefs around this? Do you use any questionnaires?
  • Technical knowledge – What are your competence level in injuries in the following places (joints and or muscles), feet, ankles, knees, hips, lower back, upper back, neck, shoulders, arms (including elbows, wrists, hands)
  • Posture assessment and exercise prescription after that? How detailed can you be with the assessment?
  • When did you start personal training clients?
  • Approx how many clients have you helped? How many of these can you honestly say have achieved some kind of result they are happy with, even minimal? describe if needed;
  • What is anything do you know about special populations/specific target markets/specific results? (Apart from basic ‘Fat loss’ even if this is not your area of expertise). Eg; Could you train and program write for a 1. pregnant woman 2. triathlete 3. basketball player 4. wheelchair bound person 5. swimmer 6. sprinter 7. Rugby player 8. bodybuilder 9. Martial artist ?
  • Have you ever had your own trainer or coach? If yes, what for? If no, why not?
  • Name the different places/environments you have worked in, in this industry? (eg. Big Box Gym, outdoors, your own or someone else’s studio/gym/clinic, online, other packages/places you use?)

So now that I have given you a ‘list’ of what you need to be doing to be successful in this business – are you going to implement it? Or are you going to get stuck and let any task which may be a little too hard, or seem overwhelming ‘stop’ you in your tracks…


If you have any questions about this feel free to ask –

You see what you believe you can achieve IS the answer to you being able to implement any of this technical knowledge I have written here.

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