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To attract clients, it’s critical that clients see you as the ‘expert’ if you want to be any different than a ‘rep counter’, in the field of Personal Training. I’m going to tell you EXACTLY what I give away and I’m going to GIVE you the exact Documents too! Read on..

Everyone is a potential client, by the way. I don’t mean from a sleezy perspective, purely because you want to help them with this ‘health and fitness thing you love so much’ perspective – I do suggest you ask first if they want it. Everything should only ever be given away when it’s wanted. So a conversation is what leads up to it. (NEVER hand out your cards or info without an invitation!)

Here are the examples of things I give away and the motivation behind why you should too;

(There are four major topics I find handy to cover)

  • ‘How to run more efficiently’ – An article for the people who love cardio, which includes how to strengthen and balance the bodies muscles and reduce injury for increased speed and better performance overall. This also includes a cardio/interval program at the end.
  • An article on cholesterol not being a good health indicator. Why? Because I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had a conversation with someone and they either say, “Oh I am on cholesterol medication”. (I’m not saying don’t take it, just be aware that lots of this medication is ‘sold’ so there may be another reason behind why they prescribe it – this is one of the things I stand for in health. Always know what you stand for and against). Or the client tells me they have been, or are on a low fat diet and they think fat is bad (it’s hard to know whats true when we are brainwashed from the mainstream media). So instead of me investing time into arguing with them about how many eggs they can eat (I’m coming from the theory of naturally occurring saturated fat, is in fact good for you. – To learn more about this look up Sally Fallon and Dr Mary Enig, they’ve bother written amazing books on the subject). So to cut it all short and inform the person I’ll give them the article for another perspective on cholesterol.
  • A pre-formatted, images included, full body circuit/weight training program, for most people this is a great place to start in the gym, as it hits muscle, so develops a little overall strength, while at the same time allows people to feel like they are doing some kind of cardio – and therefore getting results (as I find it can take a little while to win people over to your way of thinking and ‘off’ the cardio machines permanately.)
  • An article on the Core/Abdominal muscles and Back pain, the hows and why’s behind it, including some really in depth knowledge about the spine and the deeper core muscles. This is obvious yeah? Because everyone in the gym (almost) wants to work on their abs.
  • If it’s online – give away tips about whatever subject you are passionate about and therefore specialise in. Notice I said specialise in. You need to make yourself stand out from the crowd by doing this. Let people see your opinion. In my case I stand for eating whole foods, less medication and lifestyle adjustments, plus Corrective exercise where needed and more ‘heavy weight training’ where needed. I also stand for exercising intensely but not overdoing the cardio especially if the client is ‘adreanally fatigued’ in any way.. (ie, specialising in post natal weight loss) – why because they are areas which have effected me in my lifetime so hence the interest, and where my passion for education in the said topics came from.

Want my documents to give to your clients? – Read on –

One last thing I want to mention is that there is no one who will give you the ‘certificate of authority’ to do or be what it is you want to have or be. Unless of course you really need that degree, like for example to become a Dr or lawyer – thats a simplistic example of things you cannot choose as a career less you have actually received full certification. In this field, obviously thats not needed. I find, perhaps it’s just me, there’s a lot of PT’s waiting for the right amount of knowledge and therefore falling behind in the marketing game, which really is, to a LARGE degree about being able to brag about your services and results and it’s CRITICAL if you want to have a busy business!

So you can stand up and take that authority, right now, in your chosen field/topic of interest (of course with ethics).

I know this, as I’ve been so very guilty of waiting until I know enough, myself. I have spent so much time learning the technical ‘know how’ yes because I have enjoyed it and it helped me to help people get amazing results… yet it hasn’t always translated into more income so trust me it’s not about what you know. It’s about knowing enough to get great results FAST and then putting your ass on the line and getting your message out there, in other words, if you work for yourself you are going to have to brag.

If you would like these documents I mentioned here, come join me in my free group for PT’s. Take them and copy into something similar for yourself. I will say, please don’t give our information you do not personally understand – so if you need to, do some research. Or even look up my health website as the blog on there is quite extensive if you need more info Or feel free to tag me in the Facebook group to ask a question.

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Yours in a healthy Business, Kate xx

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