The simplest way to FILL your diary with PT Clients

Do you want more clients? Is that a silly question? Or perhaps (hopefully) you find yourself in a state of having too many? – More on that and prioritizing your time in a later post..

Now I want to share with you a simple technique I use to CREATE and then FILL mine and any contractors diary who I have working with me. It’s about working backwards..

So lets look at how much space and time do you have free now?
I ran through this with a trainer I coached last week and just enlightened a friend with this little system I created for myself.
All it is, is reverse engineering your week and creating space to build your business.

How many clients/sessions can you serve per week in your ideal day?
Where exactly in the day and week do you want clients?
Open your spaces NOW in with a pen and paper and know where you have availability and fill it up with free sessions until you are full of paid clients.
It IS that simple.

If you want ideas on what to give away >> see my article on that here <<

Let your free time dictate how much you give away. Always. And you have to give your time away to even just meet people.

For example if I move to a new location (which I’ve done lots over the years), I do this diary Foundation first, every time, otherwise I find life hard to juggle.
Then you watch within several weeks to 3 months max, you are full!!

Then expand, get staff and duplicate for each persons diary.

Here’s an example day. Then get to contacting people to FILL IT UP!

If you want help with anything, as usual, please don’t hesitate to ask me >> Click here <<


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