The Biggest Lie that Personal Trainers Believe

You know what it is..
Most of us when we start are guilty of falling into the trap of believing it.
The ‘it’ I’m talking about is –
That it’s easy!

Just become a PT, it’s easy they say, and you thought.. (That it’d probably be easier than it is, right?)
People, maybe even you in the past? see a trainer in the gym counting to ten for their client and figure – Yep I could do that! In fact someone said almost that exact thing to me the other day.

I went to my partners gym with him and we ran into some of his friends.
The guy had been saying to his Mrs that she should be a PT as she was looking to leave her current job.

They looked at me and said “You’re a PT aren’t you?”
I said, “yes that is a trade of mine but my business is actually coaching trainers…” And I just left it at that.

The guy, then being really enthusiastic for his Mrs, said “see it’s easy, you should do it, how hard can it be… You’ve just got to book them in, count to ten and that’s it..”

Meanwhile I’m cringing and thinking Yep I guess so, it does look like that, but you’d better REALLY want to do it.. And be willing to learn fast and invest money in yourself, become amazing at communication, selling and marketing and knowing how to coach clients to get results as fast as possible. And motivate them to be compliant as they aren’t as dedicated as you.. Oh I could go on.

Why? Otherwise you will quit within 6 months. Guaranteed.
Because it ain’t easy and dude this isn’t about counting to ten as you just mentioned to your Mrs! How is she suppose to get clients??? An often critical part đŸ˜‰

My partner was looking at me sideways just waiting for me to pipe up.
I actually refrained from saying anything, quite unlike me really.. As those around me know I have really strong opinions on this.

So I want to tell you how to create success and overcome the feelings of frustration that you might be experiencing yourself due to lack of a booming business, cause it ain’t ‘as easy as counting to ten’ is it?

You do need to become great at communicating, marketing yourself and your packages and get results for clients fast, so they stay and stay hooked to you.

So not only does your time need to be taken up by ‘training clients’ but a large part of your time MUST be spent on the inside of your business and self development.
Why self development? Because YOU are the business! If your head isn’t in the right place it’s pretty hard to make sales and motivate others. Isn’t it?

If you let yourself get down by comparing yourself to others, that won’t help either. Forget the fact that clients need you to be a bikini model, they don’t! I’d also say if you don’t put most of your time (daily), initially into sales and marketing, (being underpinned with mindset work) then you won’t even have clients to worry about.

There’s no need to worry about a pretty website, or even spend too much time on a newsletter, until you have an income you are VERY happy with.

So focus on sales and marketing by reaching out and helping potential new clients AND (here’s a big secret) – talk to the ones you already have! What else can you create and package to offer them? They are already really warm, and that means ready to buy from you. Now.

If you’d like me to help you turn your business around faster than you thought possible, to deep dive into whats not working for you and how to fix it, I have a few spaces left in my Feb course for Female FitPro’s. If this sounds like it might be something to help you (by the way it will BLOW YOUR MIND), then email me on and Let’s turn your business around NOW!

Talk to you soon,

Kate x

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