How much should you ‘Give Away’ for free?

I understand that most personal trainers are confused about how much to give away for free, when one minute they are told to ‘give lots’ and the next being told to ‘not give your time away’ for free.

So to answer the question – How much should you give away?

Lots. But..

I’m not talking about giving your time away for free but I am talking about is helping people build trust in you so they know you can help them. (Then guess what? There’s no need for pushy sales tactics if they understand you can help them, which they will if they have consumed enough of your ‘stuff’).

More importantly, and you probably haven’t heard this before… I literally feel like I have decoded the secret source and it’s simple!

As lets face it, clients can easily get the research they need to help themselves from the internet these days. (Sure they’d be confused, but they can get it).
THE GENIUS IS NOT in how much you give away…
but in the points I covered in this video.

It’s Gold!

What matters as far as ‘how you help clients’ is exactly ‘HOW’ you help your clients

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