Want more clients? – NO actually, you want this!

Silly question really, who doesn’t want more clients?
So many trainers initially tell me that they want more clients.

Do they want more clients because they want more money?

Do they want more money because it will allow them to, oh I don’t know, I’ll hesitate a guess;

– have more time for their families?

– have less stress when it comes to paying their bills on time?

– have less stress in general?

– maybe you would even like to be able to do more good things for the world?

I can tell you now from experience people usually want more time or money to FEEL a different way (just like the reasons BEHIND WHY your clients that want fat loss ACTUALLY want it..).

Think about that for a moment, they want fat loss because of the feelings of self acceptance and even self love and ‘sexiness’ that they (deep down) know is possible.

They want the feelings that ‘being’ like that will bring them.
And remember it’s better to sell them on the emotions they want, rather than the methods you will be using..

So I’m asking you to dig deep and uncover what the feelings are that you ‘really’ want when you say you want more clients?

The truth is I don’t know what IT is that you want when you say you want more clients, but what I do know is that it’s highly likely that it’s ‘more time’ or ‘a greater income’ or a combination of both so here’s an activity for you to help you get to the next level of creating this for yourself;

Write down for me the top 5 things you desire most NOW right now,

What are your top 5 goals?


Have you done this activity before?

Yes? No?

Hmmm thats interesting….

Well even if you have, lets do it again.

So write them down, even if you’ve done it before.

Ready go.

Then we will do the next part.


Ok so part 2 is to write out WHY you want these things.

Ready GO: do each one separately and be totally honest with yourself, ask yourself twice and the answer needs to be truthful. No one else will read it.


Now answer me – do you really want more clients?

Or do you want what you wrote??

Of course you want what you wrote, right?
It’s just that you currently ‘think’ that having more clients will somehow allow this. (Even though I have examples of trainers creating and selling 10k packages WITHOUT getting any more clients to do this)… So please dig deep and get to the REAL reasons behind why you want something. Always.

What I want you do ‘get’ from this is that the list you wrote is what I want you to focus on DAILY. How you actually DO IT is something that will reveal itself to you when you are ready. But before that (you being ready) you have to CHOOSE what it is you actually want! And you need to choose it in DETAIL like you have here. You need to understand the driving forces behind why you do things and remind yourself of them DAILY.

Part 3 is coming. So you can uncover the next layer to your success. Why?

If you don’t know your why.. you cannot possibly get there and guaranteed EVERYTHING and every. little. thing will stop you from trying.

Here’s to uncovering the business you TRUELY desire and love.

‘Cheers’ (even though I’m about to have 6 weeks off wine…).

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Talk soon. Xx


Ps. Here’s the link to the PT group I mentioned<<  I’ve created a poll for you to tell me what you do want, on which ‘more clients’ came out on top…

Now you know you get to dig deeper than that surface, ‘I want….’ for BIG lasting results..

​​​​​​​Talk soon


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