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Want more clients? – NO actually, you want this!

Silly question really, who doesn't want more clients? So many trainers initially tell me that they want more clients. Do they want more clients because they want more money? Do they want more money because it will allow them to, oh I don’t know, I'll hesitate a guess; - have more time for their families? [...]

How much should you ‘Give Away’ for free?

I understand that most personal trainers are confused about how much to give away for free, when one minute they are told to 'give lots' and the next being told to 'not give your time away' for free. So to answer the question - How much should you give away? Lots. But.. I'm not talking about giving [...]

Price present only in person?? – Stop now

It’s come to my attention, after lots of conversations with PT's about why they aren't selling enough Personal Training, that many, MANY Personal Trainers are being taught old information, (I understand I’ve been around for a while and I too, was taught this way, 20 years AGO), which is that you MUST get the person in [...]

Videos on Sales and Marketing for you

I make videos all the time and I upload them into my free group for PT’s on Facebook, the link for that is below. However on the odd occasion I also put them on You Tube. Here are some of the best ones, which I have put on You Tube to help you with [...]

Networking – as ‘unsexy’ as it is.. Here’s Why and How to do it

Let's just say if you aren't networking with other professionals, then you'd better be really good at other facets of marketing for your business (like writing/blogging/seminars/marketing) to reach people. Why? Simply so they (your potential new clients) learn about you and understand that you can help them. There are several ways to grow your business [...]

Extremely Effective Marketing for PT’s

I want to discuss how to market effectively. I've made a video for you too, but just quickly, before that... When I say 'effectively' I mean your bottom line (income) should be improving FAST. Not when you get your Facebook ads right. Not when you get your pretty brochures or pamphlets printed. Not when your [...]

The Biggest Lie that Personal Trainers Believe

You know what it is.. Most of us when we start are guilty of falling into the trap of believing it. The 'it' I'm talking about is - That it's easy! Just become a PT, it's easy they say, and you thought.. (That it'd probably be easier than it is, right?) People, maybe even you [...]

The simplest way to FILL your diary with PT Clients

Do you want more clients? Is that a silly question? Or perhaps (hopefully) you find yourself in a state of having too many? - More on that and prioritizing your time in a later post.. Now I want to share with you a simple technique I use to CREATE and then FILL mine and any contractors [...]

Female Trainer goes from $12/hour to selling $10,000 packages

  ..Plus I want to ad as of today (December 2016) - This trainer has gone on to create 4 more of these said 'retreats' for 2017... What could something like that do for your bottom line? There are only a few simple changes which are needed for this to be able to [...]

Becoming the expert – See what I give to attract clients

To attract clients, it's critical that clients see you as the 'expert' if you want to be any different than a 'rep counter', in the field of Personal Training. I'm going to tell you EXACTLY what I give away and I'm going to GIVE you the exact Documents too! Read on.. Everyone is a potential client, by [...]

Guaranteed Checklist for Success

See if you can tick the boxes and answer all the questions on this list below. They are keys which I've noticed (after almost 20 years in the business) people fall down on... So if you can create or 'implement' them... well I guess this is your list for success. You're welcome 😉 These are ‘all [...]

Scared of Sales? Plus how to get a really busy PT business, really fast

Why do we make sales so complicated? So many of us do, I know I used to, I've even undertaken some weird training where they made us film ourselves naked in the mirror while doing a 7 minute presentation, 7 times! Did it help with my sales or speaking ability? Um no, well not that [...]

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