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A little technical ‘Real Core’ routine for you

If you’ve ever had a client with back pain this video will help enormously, especially if you use the material in it. It's simple and I suggest trying it on yourself first but it is a little bit boring, if I do say so myself - however it works to fix backs, and fast. (Plus [...]

Clients not doing as they are told?

Do you find it frustrating that clients don't do ask you have asked them to? You are not alone. In this video I share some tips on how to get your clients to do what you've asked, so they can get results.. Because I know that's what you want for them, right? When [...]

“January is a bad time to sell PT” – NO WAY!

"January is a bad time to sell PT" What!?!? NO WAY! I couldn't believe my ears when I heard this! But I suppose that was me a few years ago too... Before I really tapped into what I was hearing from clients around me and what I was seeing, at the time, 'unavailable to people'... [...]

Testimonial from a Big Box trainer

Results speak for themselves. This gorgeous trainer more than doubled her business within her big box gym (without it effecting her hours) in our time of working together. At the time of posting this video she's going on to start several other, incredibly lucrative, fulfilling projects - which mean something to her. In other words, she is [...]

My top 3 Ways To Get Leads for Big Box Trainers

Any trainer in a 'big box' gym eg. Fitness first, Goodlife, Genesis can implement there own version of these easily and become the fastest at generating leads within the gym. As you've noticed you cannot reply on management, you need to become 'self generating' to survive. I've used these techniques time and time [...]

3 Of The Fastest Ways To Become The Best

Here is what I teach my trainers and I truly believe these are some of the fastest ways to become amazing at your craft, stand out and therefore CHARGE more per hour if that's what you want to do: 1: Contently be undertaking educational courses in the following areas: A: Your niche (the people you [...]

Why I’d rather sell a PT package worth $1000 vs. $3000

What I'm talking about is why I'd rather have a One on one client train with me once per week rather than 4 times. The main reason is they disappear every school holidays to Europe or skiing. You know they type, you are incredibly excited to convert a client into 4 sessions per week all [...]

Kate’s Top 10 Sales Tips for personal trainers

Simply by mastering the following simple techniques you can double your client conversion rate. Believe: First and foremost, you have to believe in what you do. When you say you can help a person drop two dress sizes in 12 weeks, know it – because with the right program, knowledge, nutrition and compliance from the [...]

Can drinking tap water be making you sick or fat?

Did you know in your tap water you are potentially drinking the following chemicals; Chlorine - Contributes to Oestrogen fat storing sites, as well as killing your important gut bacteria. Fluoride - As many arguments against as there are for, do your own research, I avoid it like the plague. Pesticides/Fertilizers - Pesticides kill bugs [...]

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