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Clients Success Stories

Fiona has more than 4 x her income.

” I knew I needed a business mentor for a long time. I was ready to give up on my business and defeatedly started looking at 9-5 jobs.

Before working with Kate I lacked confidence, had no voice, had no idea about how to tell people what I did, or really have any structure around it. So hickeldy pickeldy. Clients walked all over me. I had no idea how much I was earning, no structures, no plans or packages. It was messy and I was messy.

Kate structure and approach to me was unique. Everyone’s needs are different. She helped me set and achieve weekly goals. Got me WELL out of my comfort zone, which is where I needed to be as a business woman and a confident person. Now I have a growing business network, I’ve moved locations, I run 2 premises, have staff and I know how to restart over if I were to move locations. I feel in charge of my business. If I go off the rails I know how to track it to get back on top of my game. I get shit done. Having a mentor and having the accountability weekly has been my best investment yet. I firmly believe everyone needs a business mentor ALL THE TIME. They understand where you’re at, they understand running a business, like so many friends and family don’t, they keep you in check and in charge. If you want a genuine kick up the bum she’s the person for you. ”

Fiona Maree Lamb

“I was overworked and overtired. I felt like a hamster on a wheel and was always trying to play catch up. Me and my health had fallen down the list of priorities and despite great success in the business I was unfulfilled and unhappy.

After working with Kate for a couple of months I started to realise that, based on how I wanted my day to go and my goals, I didn’t need ‘stuff’ – a gym, a product, a deal. I just needed me. All the power was already inside me and I just had to choose where to put it.

As our sessions progressed and my confidence grew, I started to make some drastic life changes. I sold my share in my business to my partners and launched my own business/brand/project/dream.

If it hadn’t been for Kate and the business coaching we did together, I would still be on that hamsters wheel. I would still be exhausted. I would still be in a position where I wasn’t valued, appreciated or utilised to my full potential. Instead now I get to live my ideal day everyday! I get to create! I get freedom! I get to train in the morning and I don’t have to wake up at 5am unless I WANT TO!”

Jane Erbacher

Founder of ‘The Me Project’ and ‘Urban Heartbeat International Retreats’


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